Litigation And Trial (General)

Law firms in Pakistan understand that litigation is not always the only option but one of many options available to companies as part of their offensive and defensive strategies. We view litigation as just one part of our clients’ broader business missions. We work with our clients to develop strategic process plans that support underlying business goals and ensure strategy remains relevant throughout the course of each case.
Whether you are involved in a small dispute that requires a speedy resolution, threatened with litigation by a competitor, or are trying to enforce an important legal right, efficiency, legal Ingenuity, and effective advocacy.
Litigation has been a central focus of corporate and legal counsel since its inception. Today, CandLA is one of the few commercial law firms with a full-fledged and experienced litigation department. Our extensive legal knowledge, effective litigation skills, and practical approach have enabled us to build a strong track record in litigation. Our reputation for winning court cases also helps our clients obtain favorable settlements.
CandLA handles cases from the lower courts/first instance courts up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Our firm has successfully handled hundreds of civil, criminal, constitutional, corporate, banking, and intellectual property cases before various forums.

At Corporate and Legal Attorney, criminal and civil attorneys provide the answers you need to resolve your case. We have the expertise to make sure you fight for the results you deserve. Corporate and Legal Attorney lawyer’s mission is to build a national commitment to helping victims of crime rebuild their lives. We are committed to helping individuals, families and communities affected by crime.

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