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Complex Transaction Management

We can guide you through the negotiation process by acting as an intermediary on your behalf. It can prevent us from adopting a different perspective and achieving successful results. To ensure that our services work in your best interest, we only agree on the results you want to achieve and only work that we believe can add value to the desired results. With a track record of consistently exceeding client expectations, we operate mostly on a performance-based basis. If you are facing a difficult or complex financial transaction, we can develop strategies or management solutions to support the entire process. With our proven track record and expertise, we offer a range of services to make difficult trades easier. Involves negotiating, structuring and implementing agreed strategies.Additional advice and guidance may be helpful in difficult trades. Both are services that we provide to our customers. He has served on numerous occasions as an advisor and director listed companies and medium to large privately held companies. During these appointments, we have provided extensive expertise, including oversight and project management of complex, one-off transactions, and stakeholder management and negotiation where appropriate.


Accounting Partners provides a full range of services related to the enterprise and transaction management of complex financial transactions. CandLA therefore provides seamless structuring, execution, and post-completion transaction management. We are your one stop shop. CandLA works with Accounting Partners to complete the formation of a special purpose vehicle for the transaction and subsequently acts as a calculation agent and bondholders’ representative, providing corporate services to the SPV throughout the life of the transaction. To do.

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