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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Advisory is a complete service package to support your company’s institutionalization process. We provide our customers with comprehensive services such as:
Evaluate the existing top management structure of the company within the framework of the corporate management philosophy, and identify the task definition and operation method of the top management structure (board of directors, early risk identification committee, monitoring committee, etc.) according to the company. increase. Document the principles of control and who has what authority and responsibility. Create procedures that contain all the basic controls related to your company’s internal processes to enable process standardization. Our extensive knowledge of local regulations and multidisciplinary skills enable us to help clients effectively address corporate governance, regulatory and compliance issues. Our team has extensive experience in the banking and financial services sector, advising on all aspects of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.


Our team consists of experienced attorneys who are socially responsible and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our network experience allows us to provide superior compliance services that embody best practices while keeping our clients up to date on the latest developments in international compliance regulations.

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