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Insurance Litigation

For insurance disputes where claims are in dispute, the CandLA team can determine and define the monetary value of the case. We combine decades of experience working with legal professionals with a deep understanding of the insurance market to provide our clients with independent and objective financial analysis. Using state-of-the-art methods and tools to uncover financial evidence, our analysis stands in court or in other controversial situations. We offer expert testimony in court, hearings and testimony, settlement conferences, regulatory proceedings, mediation and arbitration. Our reputation for providing reliable financial analysis is complemented by a passion for solving financial problems and delivering analysis and evidence that stands up to the most scrutiny. Our team of experts provides defensible financial analysis based on best practices and procedures for a wide range of disputes. Our insurance practice is unique in its focus on audits. It focuses on identifying key issues upfront and developing facts and laws into clear and compelling narratives that courts and juries not only understand but adopt. We have extensive experience in disputes involving complex and historical insurance programs, transaction and succession matters, and potential liabilities of all kinds.


We represent and defend in general insurance claims, compensation claims, liability claims, negligence claims, insurance coverage analyses, statutory audits, declaratory judgment claims, insurance fraud claims, and selected reimbursement claims. Represent clients successfully.We have successfully represented insurance companies and brokers in commercial disputes related to employment discrimination, ERISA, contract and antitrust litigation. By focusing our litigation practice on policyholder issues rather than insurers, we are able to represent both types of clients with a unique understanding of the dynamics of the insurance industry.

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