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IP Litigation

Protecting and promoting intellectual property requires strategic thinking, careful planning, and constant vigilance. When your intellectual property (IP) is under threat, you need a law firm with global strength to assert your claims anywhere in the world. If you want to hire a team that knows how to protect your intellectual property anywhere in the world and who takes a shoulder-to-shoulder approach to client relationships, C and LA is your number one choice. Intellectual property litigation is our core competence and we know how to achieve results for our clients. From “company betting” intellectual property litigation to small skirmishes, we work with you to achieve results that meet your unique business objectives. Our intellectual property (IP) litigation practice has experience in all aspects of intellectual property litigation, including patent litigation, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical litigation, copyright litigation, trademark/trade dress litigation, trade secret litigation, and internet safety.


C and LA have litigators and litigation teams that handle intellectual property disputes. Whenever possible, make a favorable comparison. Win litigation through pretrial, court wins, and appeals wins where appropriate. Regardless of the subject of dispute or desired outcome, we focus on our client’s goals and the need for regular and consistent communication with them.

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