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Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

A well-functioning alliance can lead to superior performance and competitive advantage. Still, these rewards carry a high level of risk. Maintaining rigorous and professional end-to-end execution requires constant vigilance and significant commitment by each parent’s senior management. Despite the fact that there is no silver bullet to ease alliance success, there are several factors that can help. With increasing globalization and increasing competitiveness, more and more companies are turning to joint ventures and partnerships as an effective strategy to succeed in the market. Still, the complexity and commitment that come with these arrangements cannot be underestimated. Organizations that adopt a collaborative approach based on trust and shared benefits, combined with formal and well-planned execution, dramatically increase their chances of success and leverage these contracts to achieve sustainable competition. You can put yourself in an advantageous position to create a top advantage.


We help our clients by implementing a true end-to-end lifecycle approach to joint ventures and strategic alliances. It offers integrated strategy, finance, operations, tax, risk, technology and people capabilities, powered by unique digital tools such as Strategy Edge, Diligence Edge and Capital Edge. Throughout the joint venture lifecycle, CandLA’s experts can assist companies in:

Joint Venture/Alliance Planning
Strategy and business planning
Defining the scope of a joint venture
Partner selection support
commercial analysis
Financial, legal and tax structuring support
Negotiation support and evaluation of capital contribution and participation
Clean room analysis of synergy potential
Independent one-off cost analysis

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