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Out Of Court Restructuring

CandLA’s experience extends to out-of-court restructuring and pre-packaged or pre-agreed Chapter 11 litigation. Our approach is to achieve rapid and economical transformation that maximizes value for all stakeholders, minimizing displacement of operations, personnel, customer and supplier relationships. Related:
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Corporate and legal counsel are always at the forefront of innovative out-of-court restructuring and pre-trial or pre-trial Chapter 11 litigation. With extensive experience advising financially distressed companies, creditors and other stakeholders, we are able to achieve consensus among various groups of people in order to achieve value-maximizing results. I made it. CandLA restructuring attorneys work closely with PE, M&A, tax, finance, regulatory and other attorneys and all have extensive experience in this area.


CandLA provides excellent support and expertise in negotiations between financially distressed companies and their lenders, creditors, key suppliers and other key stakeholders, including government agencies. increase. We work closely with financial advisors, investment banks and investors to prepare various restructuring proposals and to negotiate and execute restructuring loan documents, exchange offers, tender off

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