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Structured Transactions

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the global structured finance industry, with offices in the United States, London, Asia and the Middle East. Both issuer and underwriter clients are one of the most respected global financial services institutions. Simply put, our practice knows no boundaries. We are a major player in the structured market and have been since its inception. Having been involved in many of the industry’s most significant innovations, we understand the evolution of structures. And we are at the forefront of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Business planning, including assessing real estate portfolio direction, testing scenarios, and formulating strategies ,Identify and create potential portfolio restructuring opportunities

Applying the Corporate Plan – Portfolio interface model developed for corporate real estate
Development of financial models, risk assessments and business cases for portfolio restructuring
Discuss with management and submit proposals to the board
Deal management from business case, deal strategy, negotiation to closing for portfolio restructuring
Redevelopment of surplus assets to generate long-term income streams, including joint ventures and other development structures
Service delivery supported by a highly qualified and experienced team


We provide structuring, structuring and transaction management of real estate portfolio restructuring and renovation projects that have a positive impact on our public and private sector clients.
This includes conversion strategies, asset structuring, analysis of disposal options, and transaction management to enable disposal of surplus assets.

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