Employment Structure Of Sick Industries

Employment Structure Of Sick Industries

Except for directors of limited liability companies or legal entities, all employees of companies and industries are included within the scope of “employees” regardless of position, type of duties, powers exercised and salaries received . This includes anyone employed by a company, whether managerial, managerial or professionally qualified. There is no distinction between part-time and full-time employees as all types of employment are included in the definition of employee. Furthermore, it does not matter whether the employee is employed directly by the company, in the industry or by an independent entrepreneur. Because all employees are employees within the meaning of this law. The definition of worker is very broad and includes all workers who are directly or indirectly involved in the performance of work within an enterprise and therefore are employed by independent contractors and perform work on their own premises. Even workers who have or have done so are included in the definition of workers. and industry are related to business establishments and industry affairs. A distinction is made between contractors tasked with procuring or providing the labor needed for a business or industry and contractors tasked with performing specific functions for the business. was made. Unlike employees of the latter Contractor, employees of the former Contractor fall within the definition of an employee under Section 2(bb) of the Act.

We offer the number of strategic employment models to manage the employment from invester point of view at minimum cost and maximum output.

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