Revival of Sick Industries

Revival Of Sick Industries

Industrial sickness, especially in small industries, have always had a negative impact on the economy as more and more industries such as cotton, jute, sugar, textiles, steel and engineering are affected by the problem of the sickness.
The progression of work-related diseases has been highlighted from the pre-independence period to its current prevalence. Rebuilding ailing industrial enterprises is neither the answer nor the solution for them.
Occupational diseases not only affect owners, workers and creditors, but also waste national resources and cause social unrest. Therefore, in order to take disease prevention measures, it is considered very important to take appropriate measures at clinics and to detect symptoms of occupational diseases at an early stage.

Internal causes for sickness

  • Lack of Finance
  • Bad Production Policies
  • Marketing and Sickness
  •  Inappropriate Personnel Management
  •  Ineffective Corporate Management

External causes for sickness

  • Personnel Constraint
  • Marketing Constraints
  • Production Constraints
  • Finance Constraints

Those Companies which are stuck in some serious legal formalities by the regulator (secp) or having commercial instability to run the business and to manage their own setups .

For them we offer corporate re structuring and strategic corporate planning to revive back.

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