The field of information and communication technology is vast and can quickly become overwhelming when considering the law. For many years, C&LA has assisted companies seeking our expert ICT advice to prove litigation and defend their positions both in and out of court.
Whether you have an ongoing lawsuit or are preparing to file a lawsuit, we can help you with it and comply with regulatory and legal requirements, ensuring your organization retains all log files and evidence to support its claims when needed. Our lawyers are highly specialized in the fields of information and communication technology, privacy and data, as well as IP law, and operate in a number of industry sectors.

  • Privacy and data protection

• Client support in data breach assessment and management.
• Personal data enhancement and management contracts.
• Support in developing and approving Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) and Standard  Contractual Clauses.
• Acting as Data Protection Office(r).
• Management of legal disputes concerning privacy and personal data protection.
• Assistance in managing privacy and data protection aspects associated with mergers and acquisitions.

  • Cloud Services Litigation

• Drafting and negotiating cloud service Data Processing Agreements.
• Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) on cloud/edge/quantum computing services.
• Support in negotiating cloud service provision contracts.
• Cloud Computing Service Agreements, SLAs, PLAs, and Acceptable Use Policy.
• Audits to assess compliance of specific cloud services with data protection regulations and international  cybersecurity standards.

  • Marketing & Digital Advertising
    • Drafting of privacy policies to support marketing and digital advertising operations.
    • Legal compliance assessments (Legal Impact Assessment) on personal data and consumer protection in marketing and digital     advertising operations.
    • Regulatory and data protection legal support for participation in national and international competitions.
    • Training courses on personal data protection in marketing and digital advertising for employees.
  • Information & Tele-Communication Technology

• Assistance in dealing with public authorities and regulatory bodies.
• Drafting and negotiating contracts for the development and marketing of Information & (Tele)Communication      Technology services.
• Legal and technical support on outsourcing and managed services projects.
• Legal support for software development and distribution.
• Legal support for the development, hosting, content, and security management of desktop and mobile              websites and platforms.
• Legal advice on the provision of security services (video surveillance systems, biometrics, antivirus, backup services).
• Drafting and negotiating Service Level Agreements.

  • Cybersecurity

• Legal and technical advice on data breach obligations in regulated industries such as healthcare, banking,             publicly accessible electronic communications, etc., development of information security policies, and related      documentation.
• Definition of the legal aspects of corporate governance related to information security.
• Alignment with ISO 27001 standards.

  • Industrial/Intellectual Properties

• IP contracts (e.g., licenses, implementation of e-commerce platforms,  franchising and e-commerce,        franchising and selective distribution, digital advertising, distribution of audiovisual content).
• Extrajudicial and judicial consultancy in every IP context (copyright, distinctive signs, mobile apps, designs and models, databases, patents, unfair competition, unfair commercial practices, advertising, Media & Entertainment).
• Assistance and consultancy in pre-litigation (e.g., warning notices, social media monitoring) and precautionary, merit, and executive litigation.
• Advice and assistance in protecting IP assets when implementing
• Protection of know-how and trade secrets.
• Management of relations with the public authorities (e.g., copyright management companies, customs authorities, national trademark, and patent offices, registration authorities)

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