Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), also known as Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs), are companies that provide similar banking and financial services but do not hold a banking license.
NBFCs are not subject to banking regulation or federal and state supervision to which traditional banks are subject.
A financial company other than a bank is said to be “primarily engaged in financial activities” if 85% or more of its consolidated annual gross revenues or consolidated assets are financial in nature. Examples of NBFCs include investment banks, mortgage lenders, money market funds, and insurance companies.
Corporate attorneys and attorneys assist clients in establishing non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). A financial institution that provides bank-like services but does not have a banking license. They are typically licensed to do business such as:
Asset management service
Discount service
housing financial services
Investment advisory service
investment financial services
Leasing service
pension fund scheme services
Management of private equity and venture capital funds
REIT management service
Venture capital investment services

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