Corporate and Legal Attorney lawyers work closely with both foreign and domestic insurers, underwriters, agents, brokers and other participants in the insurance and insurance-related industries on a wide range of litigation, regulatory, and transactional matters affecting their operations. We handle the following service areas.

We work with insurance clients on cutting-edge transactions at the heart of their business strategies while guiding them through fast-evolving regulatory and risk environments. CandLA advises participants across the insurance sector on corporate, finance, and regulatory matters, including complex and cross-border M&A transactions, reinsurance, distribution, and portfolio transfers. Our in-depth experience includes advising global insurance groups and specialist insurers, the private equity and venture capital funds engaged in consolidation across the industry and the insurrect investors and start-ups that are driving innovation.
We offer insurance clients a full-spectrum of insights and capabilities, including in sensitive regulatory matters and high-stakes disputes, across key global financial jurisdictions. We work with insurance clients to engage innovative transactions at the heart of their business strategy, guiding them through rapidly evolving regulatory and high-risk environments. We leverage CandLA platform, which encompasses world-leading privacy, employment, tax, ESG and financial practices, to provide our insurance industry clients with unparalleled insight, advice and representation. We help you navigate and capitalize on the disruptive technologies that are revolutionizing the insurance industry. This includes leveraging big data and digital customer experience innovations, management structures and outsourcing services to thrive and thrive in the highly regulated insurance sector.

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